Parents Comments

Here are some of the nice things people say about us.

We value the positive interaction with other adults and children that our girls experience at Pooh’s. I am very happy to leave my children in this carring environment.

Wendy Stanley

Jake loves Pooh’s and has lots of fun whilst learning. He loves role play and playing in the “hospital”. He is developing fast and is always chatting about who he’s played with and what he’s done whilst he’s been at nursery.

Elizabeth Cloves

Pooh’s Nursery School gives my daughter the opportunity to socialise with other children (of her age group) and make friendships. It also helps increase her independence and prepares her for school. When I drop her off and pick her up the nursery staff are always friendly and welcoming. She talks fondly of all staff.

Julia Price

I love that the nursery has a genuine family atmosphere; that I never have a problem getting my daughter to come.

Lisa Jones

I just love the way my daughter comes home and makes us sit down whilst she reads us a pretend story and gives us stickers for sitting down nicely.

Louise Falkner